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ICOFI hírek

10th May 2019

Burn-out trainings:

The International College of Financial Investigation (ICOFI) takes a year-round base Burn-out training in 2019 for the workers of the National Tax and Customs Administration. During this preventive workshop contains many practical exercises the trainees elaborate the emotional and physical stress of work, pick up different conflict and stress management methods in order to avoid the burnout at work. The relative small groups of 16 people get high quality of learning from a clinical psychologist by practical tasks, various psychical tests and situation role-plays. We received a lot of very positive feed-back about the training, the participants find the knowledge really useful related to their work and to realize the occupational impacts on them.

17th May 2019

Criminal Tactical Training:

The International College of Financial Investigation (ICOFI) cooperating with the Criminal Department of the National Tax and Customs Administration (NTCA) organized criminal tactical training three times in the spring of 2019 for the financial investigators of NTCA. During the one-week-long course 15 investigators could take part in each time, and the trainees have received special training from the professional handling of any arising issue and situation of the real investigative work. In addition, they could practise the action strategic of large scale operations, the secure execution of property search and arrests, also bases of the personal survival. By the feedbacks, the training was really popular among the investigators, they could have got crucial bit of useful tactical knowledge from the lifelike simulation exercises.

CEPA “Asset Recovery” seminar at the International Training Centre in Budapest  

CEPA “Asset Recovery” seminar at the International Training Centre in Budapest
CEPA “Asset Recovery” seminar took place between the 14th and 17th May 2019 at the International Training Centre in Budapest. The topic turned out to be very current, which is proven also by the high number of participants: 48 police officers and experts came from the 7 CEPA member countries (A, CZ, CH, D, H, SLO, SK) for the training.

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Final week of the 27th Main Course of the CEPA in Budapest  

Final week of the 27th Main Course of the CEPA in Budapest
Between 25th February  and 12th April 2019 twenty-two police officers took part in the 27th Main Course of the CEPA, held at seven venues – in Prague (CZ), Eltville (D) Biel (CH), Ljubljana (SLO), Vienna (A ), Bratislava (SK), and Budapest (H). The training focused on cross-border / international criminal investigation and prevention strategies and the cooperation of police forces in the region.

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Women in Policing


The International Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA) Budapest for the first time hosted the 8th annual ”Women in Policing” Workshop between April 15 and 18, 2019 with the participation of 96 women police officers from 12 countries. The event was organized by the US Embassy Tbilisi, Georgia’s INL office.
In order to make responsible decisions in the future, students were primarily trained leadership including practical elements, whether these were self-defense tactics or effective use of leadership skills outside the “four walls”.
In addition to the above, participants could share their experiences and law enforcement features of their countries with each other or with the trainers and experts.
On the basis of the feedbacks, students and organizers left the International Law Enforcement Academy and Budapest with satisfaction.

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