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CEPOL 68/2018 Single point of contact – one stop shop course in Budapest

The International Training Centre in Budapest hosted the CEPOL Course 68/2018 titled „ Single point of contact – one stop shop” between the 14th and 17th May. Participants included 27 practitioners working in the field of SPOCs from a total of 21 countries all over from Europe.   

The main goal of the 4-day long course was – besides introducing the operation of Hungarian SPOC – to improve information exchange between all MS, and to promote cooperation and enhance knowledge on innovative methods and techniques regarding information exchange via SPOC.   

With assistance from Europol, Interpol, SELEC and from Poland, the Hungarian organizers managed to gather a diverse staff of experts who gave presentations on their various fields of expertise.   

In addition to the regular presentations, the course managers also organized roundtable and group discussions for the participants in order to start debates and the exchange of arguments on the most relevant and pressing questions that arise during their work related to information exchange between MS via SPOCs, PNRs, SIS etc .   

Last but not least, the participants – fully meeting the expectations set out by the course manager – also completed a pre-course assignment that was also discussed in depth during the course.