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The final week of the 26th Main Course of CEPA took place in International Training Center in Budapest

The final week of the 26th Main Course of CEPA took place in International Training Center in Budapest
The 26th Main Course of the CEPA was held from 12th March to 27th April in the 7 member countries of the MEPA. The Hungarian course week of the 26th Main Course, which is also the final week of the course, took place between the 22 th and 27th April 2018 in Budapest. During the course week, the topics of the presentations covered a broad spectrum of police content, security issues and their social relations and consequences. Participants listened to presentations on the structure and tasks of the Hungarian police, the crime situation and special crime groups. They visited the Police HQ of the 8th District in Budapest, the International Low Enforcement Cooperation Centre and the Operations Center in the building of the Hungarian National Police Headquarters.

The participants worked together during the course on a case study, the solution of an international case in the field of motor vehicle crime. The workshop results were presented to experts on the last day of the seven-week course. The written version, which also allows the off-course police officers to benefit from the results, is available to all investigators through the NCP of the CEPA. Following the presentation, invited experts and MEPA committee members asked questions to participants about the workshop.

After defending the workshop results, the decrees - the certificates of successful participation in the course - were presented in a festive setting. The ceremonial speech was given by Mr Jakub Gajdoš from the National Criminal Police Agency of the Slovak Police. Mr Gajdoš emphasized in his speech the importance of criminal police cooperation. On the part of the participants, the course spokeswoman, Caroline Schröder said goodbye to the course. She spoke at the closing speech on the uniqueness of CEPA's continuing education event and thanked all CEPA officials for conducting this course. The Director of the International Training Center and member of the Board of Trustees of the CEPA, Dr. István Farkas and the Director of the International Law Enforcement Cooperation Centre, Colonel Géza Horváth, handed the certificates to the participants on the successful completion of the 26th Main Course of the CEPA.

As part of the closing event, the meeting of the course leaders of the CEPA countries took place. In addition to the evaluation of the results of the current main course, the experts and representatives of the CEPA defined the first concrete tasks of the next CEPA Main Course in 2019.