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International seminar titled “Vehicle crime”

The international “Vehicle crime” seminar took place between 20th and 23th of March 2018 in International Training Centre of Budapest

The seminar was attended by 39 police officers from the seven CEPA countries (A, D, CH, CZ, SK, SLO and H). The aim of the seminar was not only to exchange the latest information, but also to establish contacts and maintain contact among the seminar participants. The presentations were held by representatives of the National Police Headquarters of Hungary, the International Law Enforcement Cooperation Centre, the National Investigation Bureau, the Police Headquarters of Nógrád, Pest and Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County, the Szeged Police High School and by the delegates of the invited country police included both the theoretical and the practical side of the topic. The spectrum of topics ranged from international cooperation, OSINT, forms of perpetration, falsification of license plates to crime scene investigation. The delegations of the participating countries presented the situation and the solutions in their countries.

Course participants rated the seminar as excellent, perfectly organized and informative in their review. The case presentations from all delegated countries were especially well received as they offered the opportunity to gain insight into the situation of other countries and to exchange best practices. The participants appreciated the possibility that the police officers of the subject area could link contacts with each other and qualified the selection of seminar participants as successful. The consultations between the seminar participants made it possible to contribute to solution of several crime cases. Almost all feedback-reviews emphasized the wish that this seminar would have to be continued in about a year.