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Annual Training Scheme for 2018

International College of Financial Investigation (ICOFI) is organising professional trainings in 2017 at the International Training Centre in Budapest as follows.

Subjects are defined according to the training needs of relevant professional background authorities in line ICOFI’s defined goals – support the law enforcement authorities in fight against financial crimes and disorders damaging the budget through international trainings and other activities.

Participation in our trainings is only available for invited authorities via ICOFI contact points.

If you have any questions about the ICOFI organisation or our training activities, please contact us on the following email address: icofi@nokitc.hu

ThemaTerminGeplante Teilnehmeranzahl und -kreis
- Human trafficking (3 modules)
- Recruitment, Insurance, Tactics, Driving technics, Life saving
- Acquisition and Hu mint in the upper 10%
15 trainees (HUN, PL, SLO, I and A Intelligence unit)
Recovering damages of MTIC fraud22-25/05/201825 trainees (delegates of V6 countries, Netherlands and United Kingdom)
Interrogation tactics28-31/05/201812 trainees (delegates of V6 and United Kingdom)
European Parliament Virtual Currencies Project05-07/11/201825 trainees (delegates of the Western Balkan Countries and Turkey)
Fraudulency with the virtual currencies04-07/12/201830 trainees (ICOFI partner countries, and further delegates of countries according to training needs)