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Introduction of ICOFI

One strategic purpose of Hungarian National Tax and Customs Administration (NTCA) Directorate for Criminal Affairs is to raise the quality of the financial investigations, which is only possible through a well-educated and high qualified staff, and through a harmonized cooperation between the interested inland and outland organizations (law enforcement agencies, organizations of the public sector, and the civil sector).  


This goal is served by the Cooperation Agreement signed in 2014 by the Ministry of Interior of Hungary and the NTCA, which founded the International College of Financial Investigation (ICOFI) in Budapestas a new unit in the structure of the MoI International Training Centre (ITC).   

The International Training Centre (ITC), located in Budapest, hosts beside ICOFI the CEPOL National Unit, the International Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA) and the Central European Police Academy (CEPA) National Unit. Complex courses, international seminars and exchange programmes are all part of the training activities of ITC.

This network gives good opportunity to ICOFI for the effective future cooperation and uses the synergies among the relevant European and international law enforcement agencies and training institutions.

At ICOFI we firmly believe that the protection of the budget cannot be solved by measures, exclusively used on national level. The illegal activities should be decreased by uniformed interpretation of the legal standards and the creating of similar working processes on international level.    

ICOFI tends to support the international fight against the financial-economic crimes and other disorders damaging the budgets primary and firstly through the coordination of the international education of the financial investigators.

ICOFI uses the mental, structural and partnership capital of the Hungarian Police and the NTCA parallel to achieving its goals. Nowadays the ICOFI is making efforts to build up the international organization that is to be officially brought into being by the international contract on high level signed by the founding member countries this year.