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ICOFI 5/2015 “Recovery damages of MTIC fraud”

The International College of Financial Investigation (ICOFI) organized its last annual training course “Recovery damages of MTIC fraud” between 23-27 November 2015 at the MoI International Training Centre. In the five-day long training programme took part 25 participants (financial investigators, tax auditors and experts of assets recovery) from 11 European countries - Italy, Greece and Sweden delegated their representatives to ICOFI training course first time.

During the course the trainees received detailed presentations about the MTIC fraud phenomenon, the international and national best practices and technics that effectively support recoveries of the damages caused by MTIC fraud. The participants got the opportunity to test the gained knowledge from the previous presentations in practice as well during a tactical day.

According to the participants evaluation it was one of the most successful training practices within the whole training course. The success of the course was confirmed by several comments, two interesting remarks from the participants:

„ Good organization, good presentations, excellent lecturers”

" Nothing to add. The best course in the last twenty years. I will definitely recommend it for everybody”

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The International Law Enforcement Academy organized LELD #101., from September 21st till November 6th in 2015. Students from Hungary, Turkey and Serbia attended the seven weeks long course. Federal Agencies of the United States and Hungarian law enforcement experts dealt with actual topics of everyday work. Besides the training the students have participated in team-building activities, such as national dinners, sightseeing tours and hikes.


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According to the agreement of the Government of Hungary and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), a training course was held at the Ministry of Interior International Training Centre on 13-15th October in the frame of the “UNODC Regional Program for South Eastern Europe”. The topic of the third training course was “Establishing Joint Investigation Teams- Good practices and Challenges”. On this course investigators, prosecutors and judges participated from Montenegro, Bosnia Herzegovina and Serbia.

The Hungarian Government supported the program by significant financial sources. During the previous modules in this topic the participants came from Albania and Macedonia to the Ministry of Interior International Training Centre. According to the evaluation of the participants the three course were successful. The acquired knowledge created good professional basis for creating Joint Investigation Teams (JIT) in relation to the mentioned countries.

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German policemen at MoI ITC

On the 19th October 2015. a group of police students from the brühl-based Federal University of Applied Administrative Sciences – participating in a professional hospitation program organised by the Hungarian Embassy oft he Federal Republic of Germany – visited to MoI ITC.

The 14 border security experts with their company participated of a project week between 17th and 21st October 2015 at Budapest, where they could have got an inside view of the work of the Hungarian National Police, and of the possibilities given by other domestic and international training methods in Budapest.

The students (participating of the „Aufstieg vom mittleren Dienst zum gehobenen Dienst” training of the University) were informed about the multiple tasks of International Training Centre of MoI, and they could come to know all of the training possibilities, and the structure of them, at Central European Police Academy (CEPA), who takes part in the border security tranings.

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The International Law Enforcement Academy organized a specialized course about “Illegal Logging and Forest Crime” from September 28th till October 2nd in 2015 for the first time. The agents of The Department of Agriculture US Forest Service covered one of the most important and actual themes in the presentations. Followed by this successful pilot course the Agency is planning to organize more trainings with the same topic in the future.

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