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On April 22nd, 2016, ILEA Director John Terpinas hosted a meeting with the Montenegrin Police Academy Director Rajko Petkovic and his colleagues. The parties agreed that in addition to the significant number of training opportunities that have already been offered to participants from Montenegro to date, even more Montenegrin law enforcement experts will be receiving invitations to various ILEA courses in the future. Following the meeting, ILEA Director Terpinas gave a tour of the facilities to his guests.

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On the same day of the Georgian delegation visit to ILEA, John Terpinas Director and his Deputy, David Farthing, exchanged their experiences in a brief meeting with a UK delegation which was on a so called „Skynet Project training session” study tour in Budapest. .


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April 28th is a big event in the life of the US Embassy, Budapest. On this day - Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work Day - the Embassy personnel can take their kids to their work place, and show them where they work and what they deal with while the kids are in school or kindergarten. More than 40 enthusiastic titans occupied the whole ILEA. Following the short introduction, ILEA Director Terpinas gave a tour of the facilities to the kids and answered their endless questions.


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CEPA organized between March 29th and April 1st in 2016 the international seminar on the topic of „Management of mass migration at the borders”.

Police officers of the CEPA-member states and delegations from Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania and Serbia took part on the seminar.

Presentations were given by the representatives of the Hungarian Police HQ, RP National Bureau of Investigation, National University of Public Service and of polices in the invited countries. These focused on the law of the EU, situation and solutions in the involved countries and smuggling of human beings. The participants drew attention in their feedbacks, how important it would be to continue this seminar in ca. one and a half year. This would contribute to build new strategies in a new situation.

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On March 9th, 2016 three dignitaries of the Marymount University, Arlington, Virginia, USA visited the campus. During their stay they met John Terpinas, ILEA Director and Dave Farthing, ILEA Deputy Director who gave them details about the activity of ILEA followed by a tour of the facility. Since the purpose of the visit was to get an overall picture about the Hungarian Law Enforcement training, Pol. Colonel dr. István Farkas, Director General of the ITC MoI, Pol. Maj. Gen. dr. habil József Boda, Dean of the NUPS, Law Enforcement Faculty and dr. József Haller, Head of the Law Enforcement Institution gave a presentation on the activity of their organizations.

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