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ilea.jpg On November 9th, 2016, Susan Ostrobinski, ILEA Director hosted a visit by Lt. Gen. Károly Papp, Chief Commissioner of the Hungarian National Police. Director Ostrobinski handed over the ILEA 2017 Draft Schedule, highlighted the topics which will enjoy priority in the training next year, and the new countries which will receive invitations to ILEA’s specialized courses. She described the improvements that have been made to the facility and gave a tour to her guest, showing the Chief Commissioner the classrooms, conference room, VIP room, Dormitory “A” and the Tactical House.

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ilea.jpg A two member delegation of staff from the Appropriation Committee of the US congress, which deals with the budgets for the US Government, which is pretty important in ILEA’s life visited us on October 13th, 2016. The guests were hosted by Susan Ostrobinski, ILEA Director. They had then a short courtesy call to the Director of the ITC, Col. dr. István Farkas. The guests were very impressed by what they discussed with the Director and what they saw. They were satisfied that the money, USG spends for overseas training, serves good purposes.

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International Law Enforcement Cooperation – Train the Trainers course in Budapest

CEPOL 73/2016 International Law Enforcement Cooperation – Train the Trainers course attracted 29 par-ticipants from 19 countries to Budapest, Hungary between 4th and 8th July 2016.

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The International Law Enforcement Academy organized LELD #103, which ran from May 9th till June 24th, 2016. Students from Hungary, Moldova and Romania attended the seven week course. Federal Agencies of the United States of America and Hungarian instructors dealt with actual topics of everyday law enforcement work. Along with the theoretical and practical training, students participated in team-building activities, such as national dinners, sightseeing tours, and hikes. Her Excellency Coleen Bell, Ambassador of the United States in Hungary and Dr. Sándor Pintér, Minister of Interior, Hungary delivered a speech at the graduation ceremony.

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2. OC-course of MEPA, Hungarian course week

The third week of the 2nd OC-course was held between 13th and 17th June 2016 in Budapest in a Swiss-Hungarian Cooperation.

The four-week-course took place between 30th May and 24th June in four of the CEPA-member states, in cooperation with co-organizer countries. The venues in chronological order were: Slovenia, Czech Republic (with Austria as a co-organizer), Hungary (with Switzerland as a co-organizer) and Slovakia (with Germany as a co-organizer).

The course-week was opened by Dr István Farkas, Director General of the Ministry of Interiors International Training Centre, Board of Trustees. In his speech, Dr Farkas asked participants not only for the acquisition of practical knowledge but in addition for expanding their contact-network. This not only promotes the successful work of the participants, but also could strengthen their delegating organizations.

In the Hungarian course week there were presentations about the tasks and structure of the Hungarian Police and its units (especially International Law Enforcement Cooperation Centre, Riot Police National Bureau of Investigation, National Protection Service), the crime situation in Hungary, illustrated by OC-related case studies (abuse of social benefits, corruption, asset recovery, homicide, offenses against property, dark side of the Internet) and the prevention-methods. The participants got information about the political and economic situation in Hungary. The co-organizers presented the political life and the structure of the police in Switzerland, as well as the results of the fight against the corruption and phishing. The participants had the opportunity to wright on workshop to the topic JIT (Joint Investigation Teams) under the direction of Ms Kaja Lehr (BKA).  The workshop-results will be presented by the participants at the end of the course in Bratislava.

The program after the training hours was complemented with sightseeing and a Hungarian evening.

The 2. OC-course of the CEPA for fight against and prevention of international organized crime was realized through the ISEC-program, with financial support of the Commission of the European Union.
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