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ICOFI course 18-22 June 2018

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The International College of Financial Investigation in Budapest hosted the 4-day long MTIC course titled Possible methods of the fight against budgetary fraud between the 18th and 22th June. The attendance (all together 29 persons) consist of the financial investigators of the Hungarian National Tax and Customs Administration, the experts of the National Bureau of Investigation of the Hungarian Police, the Prosecutor General Office and specialists of other foreign countries’ (Austria, Ireland, Slovakia, Italy, Poland, England) relevant law enforcement agencies.

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CEPOL 68/2018 Single point of contact – one stop shop course in Budapest

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The International Training Centre in Budapest hosted the CEPOL Course 68/2018 titled „ Single point of contact – one stop shop” between the 14th and 17th May. Participants included 27 practitioners working in the field of SPOCs from a total of 21 countries all over from Europe. 

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The final week of the 26th Main Course of CEPA took place in International Training Center in Budapest

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The final week of the 26th Main Course of CEPA took place in International Training Center in Budapest

The 26th Main Course of the CEPA was held from 12th March to 27th April in the 7 member countries of the MEPA. The Hungarian course week of the 26th Main Course, which is also the final week of the course, took place between the 22 th and 27th April 2018 in Budapest.

International seminar titled “Vehicle crime”

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The international “Vehicle crime” seminar took place between 20th and 23th of March 2018 in International Training Centre of Budapest

The seminar was attended by 39 police officers from the seven CEPA countries (A, D, CH, CZ, SK, SLO and H). The aim of the seminar was not only to exchange the latest information, but also to establish contacts and maintain contact among the seminar participants.  

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One- and two-week law enforcement courses

At the International Law Enforcement Academy, specialized, one- and two-week law enforcement courses began on January 15. In 2018, the Academy focuses on exploring and preventing crimes against computers and computer networks as a major investigative area and task. From January 15th till January 26th we started a two-week course on the subject with Bulgarian, Georgian and Hungarian participants. From February 5th, for a week the focus was on offenses related to the Computer and Network Intrusion. Representatives of participating countries were all police officers working on the same field. As their feedback says, they found the training extremely useful, and they also acknowledged the level of the Academy and the training.
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