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Közzétette: matyasa  •   jan 06 : 12:46      

CzaderEva.jpg It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Éva Czáder (1978-2017), out long time friend and colleague at ILEA Fiancial Group, Hungarian Secretariat, International Training Center.

She will be greatly missed, but she will always be remembered for her joyous attitude and infectious smile.

Rest In Peace

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ilea.jpgWe hosted law students from New Hampshire University in the United States on 30th of November, 2016. Students from that University visit us every year. We are always happy to welcome them and to exhibit the institute. They enjoyed meeting the two directors of ILEA, which is always the highlight of the visit. During the two hours visit they got to know the role of US class coordinator, and the details of the training program.
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Közzétette: matyasa  •   dec 19 : 13:25      

International specialized seminar with participation of the students graduated in CEPA specialized course in International Training Centre

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ilea.jpg During the last few weeks the furniture of the classroom for specialized courses was renewed at the International Law Enforcement Academy. Desks, chairs, computers, and cables were completely replaced.  As a result of it the law enforcement officers, attending the courses, can listen to the presentations in more practical and comfortable circumstances.

Közzétette: matyasa  •   nov 18 : 11:28      

ilea.jpg On November 9th, 2016, Susan Ostrobinski, ILEA Director hosted a visit by Lt. Gen. Károly Papp, Chief Commissioner of the Hungarian National Police. Director Ostrobinski handed over the ILEA 2017 Draft Schedule, highlighted the topics which will enjoy priority in the training next year, and the new countries which will receive invitations to ILEA’s specialized courses. She described the improvements that have been made to the facility and gave a tour to her guest, showing the Chief Commissioner the classrooms, conference room, VIP room, Dormitory “A” and the Tactical House.

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