Operation of the International Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA)

Starting with July 1st, 1999 – at that time Ministry of Interior – currently International Training Center (ITC) provides all necessary conditions to the functioning of ILEA. The Director of the ITC and the Director of ILEA operate together on the basis of the Bilateral Agreement (165/1996. (XI.20. Governmental Decree), signed between the Government of the Republic of Hungary and the Government of the United States of America, as well as the Implementation and the Amendments, dated back to December 11th, 1998 and September 13th, 2000.

The Director General of the ITC directs, harmonizes and exercises employer’s rights in subordinaton with the Hungarian Secretariat of ILEA and works in coordination with the American Secretariat of ILEA. The Director General is responsible so that ILEA fulfilled its activity in compliance with the laws and other statutes of the Republic of Hungary and in the light of the interest of the Hungarian Party. He keeps daily contact, cooperates with the American Director of ILEA in order to accomplish the obligations, set down in the Bilateral Agreement.

Staff of the Academy:

ILEA Budapest is staffed with two American accredited diplomats: the Director, who is an FBI supervisory special agent, and a Deputy Director who is a Diplomatic Security Service (US Depatment of State) supervisory special agent. The US Embassy excersises employer’s rights with them. The American Director manages the Academy independently, directs, supervises the cooperation and professional activity of the units. So ILEA is not part of the Hungarian public administration.

ILEA consists of the American and the Hungarian Secretariat.The staff of the American Secretariat administratively belongs to the US Embassy, Budapest. The staff of the Hungarian Secretariat is one of the divisions of ITC’s Department of International Training. The Hungarian Director General administratively, the American Director operationally supervises the daily activity of the Hungarian Secretariat.

The Hungarian Secretariat is staffed with 12 members, including sworn police officers and public servants employees.