1. november 19-21.

Asset Recovery Training

The International College of Financial Investigation (ICOFI) organized Asset Recovery Training between 19-21th of November 2019. The participants discussed and heard presentations about asset recovery techniques, best practises of asset recovery of the member states, examined the MS regulations on handling of the seized assets, comparing national and EU legal approaches to identifying, tracing and confiscating the proceeds of crime and conferred about possibilities of the international cooperation in certain cases on asset recovery.

Practised investigators, prosecutors, tax- and customs officers, working in this changeable professional area day by day, took part on the 3-day-long event from six countries of the European Union (The Netherlands, Germany, Finland, Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary). Target audience of this training were those experts of different law enforcement agencies who have more year’s experiences of asset recovery. And as it was an expert forum, the participants emphasised its conduciveness, since there is no other way to share the features, the available data processing method and the national legal background of their work with each other, only personally within a face meeting.

2019.november 12-15.

E-Commerce Training

The International College of Financial Investigation (ICOFI) organized its E-Commerce international training between 12-15th of November 2019. Specialists of five countries (The Netherland, Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary), and representatives of the European Commission TAXAUD and the WCO took part on this event to debate the best practise of taxation and legal background of e-commerce in the European Union. The colleagues also got knowledge of the e-commerce features of the member states and discussed about the issues of the new E-Commerce Regulation that comes into effect from 2021. Regarding, that the on-line trading grows exponentially year by year in around the world generally, there was a clear demand for ICOFI to establish a platform where experts of tax- and customs administrations of the member states can meet and share their experiences and the occurring issues. This is what ICOFI forum stood for.

A lot of valuable information pulled together during these four days, the exchange of best practises and experiences was very intense. Continuing this discussion, ICOFI has planned the same event in its program schedule of 2020, ensuring the forum where the representatives of member states can share the current issues related to the new EU regulation.

2019. május 10.
Burn-out trainings:
The International College of Financial Investigation (ICOFI) takes a year-round base Burn-out training in 2019 for the workers of the National Tax and Customs Administration. During this preventive workshop contains many practical exercises the trainees elaborate the emotional and physical stress of work, pick up different conflict and stress management methods in order to avoid the burnout at work. The relative small groups of 16 people get high quality of learning from a clinical psychologist by practical tasks, various psychical tests and situation role-plays. We received a lot of very positive feed-back about the training, the participants find the knowledge really useful related to their work and to realize the occupational impacts on them.

2019. május 17.
Criminal Tactical Training:
The International College of Financial Investigation (ICOFI) cooperating with the Criminal Department of the National Tax and Customs Administration (NTCA) organized criminal tactical training three times in the spring of 2019 for the financial investigators of NTCA. During the one-week-long course 15 investigators could take part in each time, and the trainees have received special training from the professional handling of any arising issue and situation of the real investigative work. In addition, they could practise the action strategic of large scale operations, the secure execution of property search and arrests, also bases of the personal survival. By the feedbacks, the training was really popular among the investigators, they could have got crucial bit of useful tactical knowledge from the lifelike simulation exercises.