Customer Information for Data Subjects Concerned

Registration number:29019-156/4/2021. AV
Title of processingThe data of people applying for PNR Training Content Development Meeting / Interactive PNR Training
Goal of processingTo ensure the participation of people applying for PNR Training Content Development Meeting / Interactive PNR Training
Legal basis for processingGDPR article 6. section (1) a
Categories of people involvedPeople applying for PNR Training Content Development Meeting / Interactive PNR Training
Categories of personal dataFamily name, first name, gender, place and date of birth, the name of workplace/place of service, member state/institution, position, e-mail address, phone number, type of travel document, travel document’s number, the place of issue of the travel document, expiry of the travel document, nationality
Recipients of transfer of dataCounter-terrorism Information and Criminal Analysis Centre (name and e-mail address)
Name and representative of  data processing serviceservice not used
Recipients of transfer to third countries and for international organizations, the data set affected by the transfer of data, its goal and legal basisnone
Storage Period for Processing3 years upon the case being archived in accordance with the Police Archives Plan.
Whether the provision of data is based on legislation or contractual obligations, or is a precondition before the conclusion of the contract The provision of data is based on legislation. Decisions on imposed administrative fines can be transferred to the national tax authority or the national contact point to implement enforcement.
The processed data shall be used in automated decision-making or profilingThe processed data shall not be used in automated decision-making or profiling.
  The rights of the data subjects concerned In any and all issues related to processing the data, the data subject can request the following information via the data protection officer of the organisation carrying out data processing: the information on data processing and access to processed personal data,in case of inaccurate data, the rectification of data, or they can request that incomplete personal data be completed,the erasure of personal data processed upon their consent,the objection against processing personal data,the restriction of the processed data.   In case of data processing by police data controllers, the right to data portability cannot be exercised.   Upon the request made by the data subject concerned, and unless such request is subject to restriction by legitimate interests as specified in the law, the data subject can learn whether or not processing their personal data is ongoing with the police data controllers, and is entitled, as regards any and all data relating to them, to receive information about the following:      the goal of processing,what is the basis of data processing (legal basis), the from-to-timeframe of data processing (duration),the types of data being processed, and the availability of their copies for the data subject concerned,the recipient of the personal data, and the categories of recipients, respectively,data transfer to any third country or international organisation,the rights of the data subject concerned as regards data processing,the availability of legal remedies.   As regards any and all requests concerning information and access, the police data controllers shall provide information within 30 days at the latest. For additional copies on their processed personal data as requested by the data subject concerned, the police data controllers may charge reasonable costs based on administrative costs. In certain cases, the police data controllers, pursuant to the law – for instance prevention of criminal offences or prosecution of such offences – may refuse to provide information; in such cases, the provision of the law serving as the legal basis for refusal, and the information of legal remedies must be contained in the response.      In case of any and all requests concerning the rectification of data (amendment), the validity of the data to be amended must be duly justified by the data subject concerned, furthermore, they must duly justify and furnish proof that the person requesting is indeed the person entitled to request them amendment of data. Unless it is clear that the processed data is accurate and complete, the police data controllers will not rectify such data, they shall only indicate that the certain data were disputed by the data subject concerned, but were not certainly inaccurate. Upon confirming the validity of the request, the controller, without undue delay, shall rectify the inaccurate personal data, and complete the data concerned by the request. As regards rectification or indication, the police data controller shall inform the data subject concerned.   The police data controllers shall comply with requests regarding limitations of data processing if one of the following conditions is fulfilled: the data subject concerned disputes the accuracy of the personal data; in such cases limitations shall apply to the time period that allows that the controller to verify the accuracy of the personal data,data processing is unlawful and the data subject concerned objects the erasure of data, and requests the restriction of their use instead,the controller no longer needs the personal data for the purpose of data processing, but the data subject concerned requires them to the establishment, exercise or defence of legal claims; that is data processing concerning the data subject.   If the data are subject to restrictions, personal data can only be processed, with the exception of storing data, in case of as follows: with the consent of the data subject concerned, to the establishment, exercise or defence of legal claims, to the defence of rights of other natural or legal persons, or on the grounds of public interest of the European Union or any of its member countries, respectively.   The police data controllers shall provide the data subject concerned in advance information on releasing the restriction on data processing.   If the data subject concerned considers that the data processing is contrary to the provisions of GDPR, or considers the method how the police data controllers process their personal data detrimental or prejudiced, it is then advised and appropriate to contact the data protection officer with their complaints. The complaints will be investigated in any and all cases.   Notwithstanding the response received about the complaints, if you keep considering it detrimental or prejudiced how the police data controllers process your data, or you wish to directly seek remedy with the data protection authority, you may notify the Hungarian National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information (NAIH) (Full address: 1125 Budapest, Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor 22/c, Postal address: 1530 Budapest, Pf.: 5. E-mail:, homepage:   In order to protect your data, you may seek judicial remedy, which will give priority to the particular case. In such cases, you may decide whether to submit your claim to the court (( in whose territorial jurisdiction you reside on (permanent address) or whose territorial jurisdiction you stay (temporary address). Please find the competent court of the place of residence or stay on the following site:


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