Division of Training and Coordination

Unit of Foreign Languages

English, German, French and Russian language courses and language examinations. Further information here .

If any questions, please contact:


Láng, Nóra
e-mail: lang.nora  nokitc.hu
tel.: +36/1-224-5182
mobile: +36/20-434-2868

Tactical training

The most important segment of the trainings in the Tactical House is a special psychological training, combined with a tactical training. The participants will acquire the working method so that the emotions related to their professional work support (although they normally play a blocking role in human behaviour) the successful achievement of their goals. It works as a framework which is suitable to any professional fields. We are open to provide a wide range of training courses: e.g. those of extreme situations for top managers, police actions, trainings for military and law enforcement persons, crisis management and negotiation techniques, etc. The main base for the trainings is the Tactical House in the building complex of the International Training Centre although we are ready to provide courses at any place required by a customer.

If any questions, please contact:
Heiter Zoltán
e-mail: heiter.zoltan  nokitc.hu
tel.: +36 (1) 224-5180
mobile: +36 (20) 206-2853

Forensic lab

It is a multifunctional training lab where the participants of different courses can study modern trace searching devices. Imitating crime scenes, they can practise how to register and secure evidences and how to apply different trace registering materials.
In the lab you can find several light sources which are to make microscopical examinations of documents and bank notes. The lab plays an important role in the general training course of the ILEA (eight-week courses) and its special topic-oriented 1-2-week programs.
We also organise different courses for students preparing to become forensic firearm experts.

If any questions, please contact:

dr. Tóth, István
e-mail: toth.istvan  nokitc.hu
tel.: +36 (1) 224-5185
mobile: +36 (20) 484-9397