The International Training Centre (ITC) was founded by the Hungarian Ministry of Interior in 1999. The ITC is responsible for the implementation of the tasks, issued in the contracts with the law enforcement training international organisations, in conventions, in law obligations, moreover ITC organises and executes trainings, according to the bilateral or multilateral cooperations.
ITC itself and in cooperation with the international partners offers special training opportunities for the Hungarian and foreign law enforcement employees, which gives a handle to the participants get to know the recent challenges of the public safety and the law enforcement answers of it, acquire the best practices and support and deepen long-term international law enforcement networking.
International partners, organizing law enforcement trainings:
 – European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Training (CEPOL,
 – Central European Police Academy (CEPA,
 – International Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA,
 – Association of European Police Colleges (AEPC,
Depending on training topics and professional contents, we offer different trainings from  one-day to seven-week trainings. The working languages of the trainings are Hungarian, English and German. Programmes are implemented in a high quality with highly qualified Hungarian and foreign experts, high-qualified Hungarian and foreign experts under supporting circumstances.
ITC apart from organizing international law enforcement trainings, organises language courses and events, related to law enforcement, provides a venue for conferences, and also makes researches.
Our organization together with other law enforcement organizations plans and organises training courses, both in Hungary and abroad. It implements its trainings either itself or on bilateral or on multilateral basis, considering the demands of the partners and the target groups.